Sunday, 21 June 2009

Old School Acorn Computing

Just been doing a bit of a browse for info on my vintage Acorn A7000+ desktop when I discovered that Acorn Computers are back in business. I was impressed, however a little dismayed to see that they dont use the classic RISC OS operating system any more, but instead plump for Vista, or other versions of Windows. Their site is here:, and to be honest the devices they are selling do seem to be quite attractive. They come complete with the old school Acorn logo all over them, which just adds to the appeal.

I think anyone who still has fond memories of using Acorn and BBC computers when they were at school will enjoy taking a look at the new series of products. Of course, anyone who is still hankering for a bit of RISC OS action can take a look at Ebay, you can pick up an A7000+ very cheaply these days, some even with a network adapter. Schools are literally chucking these things out with the rubbish nowadays, unfortunately they can't even give them way to charities etc. However, if you really want the latest iteration of RISC OS, currently at version 5, check out Castle's list of products here: Personally, I dont see the need to spend almost £800 on a computer like this, but if you really are an enthusiast you will snap one right up.

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