Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cycle paths, great...

I have been getting on my bike lately. This isnt such a novel thing for me, it was a past time for me prior to my move up to Scotland. Cycling up here is a lot different to my previous venue, the weather, for one thing, is completely different. Down south I could be content in the knowledge that it would be relatively sunny from March to September and also had the added benefit of being on the doorstep to a national park. In Edinburgh though, things are different by quite some degree, for starters, I have to travel quite a bit before I get to anywhere interesting. And as I dont have a car, let alone a license, it means a period of cycling through a rather boring Edinburgh.

But, thats all forgotten once you hit one of the cycle routes that cross through Edinburgh. I was out near a place called Auchendinny a few days ago and managed to get myself lost (wasnt on a cycle route), on the way back into Edinburgh I had the misfortune to pass through Bonnyrigg. I have never been there before and if ever I go back I will be sure to spend as little time as possible there. I am sure there are a lot of lovely people there, but unfortunately the only natives I met decided to through a vodka bottle at me and shredded my front tire in the process.


It was in such a poor state, I had to get a lift back into Edinburgh. Due to Easter, it meant that the buses were on a crap schedule - by pure chance I was lucky enough to find a cab, not only an available one but one who would admit my rather mucky bike and me in it. I didnt catch his name, but he was a life saver and has my undying thanks.

And no, that wasnt in Bonnyrigg, it was a few miles down the road in Dalkeith!

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