Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hyper Geo 64

As a lot of people who know me will admit to, I am a fan of video games. Pretty much where ever there is a TV in my house, there will be a video game console attached to it.

If you are a guy round about the same age as me, it is possible that you will remember some of the great video game consoles of the 1990's. One that may stick out a bit was the Neo Geo made by SNK. I remember this console having a near mythological impact on video gaming, the games themselves cost almost as much as the console itself, and chances are you never met someone who owned a Neo Geo.

The console itself was pretty much a stripped down version of an arcade machine, this is why the games cost so much money. The AES, which was the home version of the console, provided arcade perfect graphics during a time where people were arguing about whether or not the SNES was superior to the Mega Drive. I think there were a number of attempts by SNK to create a newer, cheaper console for home use - they came up with the Neo Geo CD as well as two handheld consoles.

I think one of the most interesting consoles they came up with was the Hyper Geo 64. From what I can make out, this was SNK's attempt to flirt with 3D graphics. It never made it to the home market though and failed as an arcade machine with only a few games made for it.

Given my interest in consoles, I have embarked on a search to pick up a Hyper Geo 64 and see if I can get it firing. I love old tech like this, so I am hoping that it wont be too expensive to get one.

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