Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Back once again with the renegade master

Been a while since I last posted on here. My aim to put up at least one worthwhile post every month seemed to fall by the wayside.

I still havent setup my old Acorn machine correctly yet, and cunningly my main desktop has decided it doesnt want to speak to my HDD any more.

Good news though, I have a new job that is very interesting to say the least and I have move house.

Bad news, totalled my bike and I have suffered from bad TV and travel karma over the last few weeks. But onwards and upwards! over the next few weeks I intend to put up at least one post concerning the Levenshtein Distance. There is lots of interesting proofs of concept out in the wild at the moment, but there are none concerning an actual useful example. I know that not everyone will be able to implement a really good peice of code to do this (and I doubt anything I produce will be class leading). But this is something I have to work on in my new job, so this will help me figure it out in my head :)

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